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Straightened walls and new window wells

The house was built in 1960 and hasnt had any repairs done in atleast three decades. Below you can see the before and after pictures of a basement that had 3 of the 4 walls straightened with Geo-lock wall anchors and cracks that were leaking water into the basement sealed with epoxy seal. 

Sump Pump Makes a Difference in Superior, CO Home

In the crawlspace of a home in Superior, CO we installed a new sump pump. This will help control the water and moisture that was collecting in this area of the home. Here you can view the difference sump pump installations are making to home owners!

Bowing Basement Walls Straightened in Denver, CO

A basement in Denver had a deep bow in the concrete wall that had caused the wall to slip out of the sill plate. Peak Structural went in and used Geo-locks to the straighten and stabilize the wall to prevent further damage or destruction.

Strong and Bright Basement in Arvada, CO

A basement in Arvada, CO had multiple cracks in the walls of the basement and window wells that were not allowing natural light into the space. After the Peak Structural Team went out and provided a no cost estimate for the project, Chris and his team went out and patched the cracks, installed wall anchors, and removed the window wells. Now the basement walls are straight, strong, and there is plenty of natural light in the basement space.

Dry and Clean Crawlspace in Lakewood, CO

Sharon needed her crawlspace clean and dry this winter so she called Peak Structural. A Design Specialist went out and provided Sharon with an estimate and then the work began. Her crawlspace went from being a dirt floor that leaked in water and cold air into a crawlspace that was clean, warm, and dry.

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